Promoting Honesty, Civility & Integrity

Ethical Lawyers of America is a directory of ethical attorneys who advocate honesty, integrity and civility in the legal profession. We provide national recognition to lawyers who have maintained the highest ethical standards in their legal practice. We promote ethical attorneys through our online directory while advancing the public’s image of lawyers and the legal profession by assuring the public is served by attorney’s who meet the highest standards of ethics in the legal profession.

The listed attorneys value professional integrity and understand how their ethics impacts the legal community as well as society’s image of the legal profession.

Recognition as an “ethical lawyer” is a valuable marketing tool that shows your prospective (and existing) clients, colleagues and referring attorneys that you are an ethical and trustworthy lawyer. Ethical Lawyers of America distinguishes you from those attorneys who have been publicly disciplined for ethical violations but are still permitted to practice law.

Create trust and confidence in your clients while furthering the public’s image of the legal profession by joining Ethical Lawyers of America. Members are allowed to hold themselves out as one of America’s Most Trusted Attorneys™.


  1. Member in good standing with attorney’s respective state bar association(s).
  2. No public disciplinary actions

Only attorneys who have never been publicly disciplined by their governing body qualify for a directory listing in Ethical Lawyers of America. Any public disciplinary action disqualifies a lawyer from our directory.

Attorney Benefits*


Recognition as one of America’s Most Trusted Attorneys™

Recognition in Ethical Lawyers of America distinguishes you as an “ethical lawyer” while providing a professional way to communicate to your prospective (and existing) clients, colleagues and referring attorneys that you are a trustworthy attorney. A directory listing with Ethical Lawyers of America separates you from all other attorneys who may be unethical. Listed attorneys are authorized to hold themselves out as one of America’s Most Trusted Attorneys in any manner that is consistent with their applicable rules of professional conduct.

Standard List/Professional Referral Directory

Ethical Lawyers of America are listed on our websites directory so clients, prospective clients and colleagues can easily confirm you are one of America’s Most Trusted Attorneys™. Our directory listing also acts as a valuable resource for referring attorneys searching for an “ethical lawyer”.

Use of Logo/Seal/Badge/Trademark

All listed attorneys may display our logo/seal/badge or other identifying marks on their websites, business cards, letterhead or advertising in any manner consistent with their applicable professional rules of conduct. Please see Logo Use.

Networking Opportunities

Listed attorneys also have opportunities to network with other like-minded lawyers who value honesty and professional integrity and understand the importance of advancing the public’s perception of the legal profession.


Premium Directory Listing

Premium directory listings include your photograph, name, firm name, address, phone/fax, email and an external link to your website or blog. These listings provide additional contact information and are more visual because they contain your photograph so they are immediately recognized over the standard (free) listings.

Dedicated Bio Page

Premium listed attorneys have their own dedicated bio page (with your photograph) providing additional opportunities to convert the visitor into a potential client by educating and informing the reader about your practice and promoting your firm in a way not available to standard (free) listed attorneys.


Certification as an “ethical lawyer” provides a dignified manner to communicate to your prospective clients that you have achieved and demonstrated the highest degree of ethical standards in your legal practice. Your prospective clients are secure in knowing you are an ethical and trustworthy lawyer.

Premium listed attorneys can select from one of the following certificates:

  • 8½” x 11″ professional certificate on 80 lb. ivory stock with a gold foil border and gold embossed seal.
  • 8½” x 11″ professional certificate on 80 lb. white stock with a silver foil border and silver embossed seal.

Mini Certificates

Premium listed lawyers receive two 5″ x 7″ mini certificates that are perfect for display in your waiting room, hallway or reception area. These mini certs are a professional way to inform visitors that you are an “ethical lawyer” and act as a staff reminder to continue to strive and maintain the high ethical standards for which you have achieved recognition.

Press Release

Ethical Lawyers of America issues a Press Release for new premium listed attorneys announcing them as one of America’s Most Trusted Attorneys. The Press Release is mailed to new premium members for distribution to the media, professional publications, referring counsel and online press release services.

* Listee’s must have an active license in good standing with their respective state bar associations with no public disciplinary actions and current in their annual dues to Ethical Lawyers of America (if applicable). 

Application for Directory Listing

You can apply for your individual listing in our online directory by clicking here. If you have any questions please contact us at the following:

Ethical Lawyers of America
2340 Bay Hill Rd.
Chula Vista, CA 91915
(855) ELA-ELA1 / (855) 352-521
(877) 238-8056 fax