Nizamian, Arek

Nizamian & Nizamian LLP
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Los Angeles, California, 90010
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Primary practice area: Immigration
Arek Nizamian, of the law firm, Nizamian & Nizamian, LLP, has particular expertise in all areas related to U.S. immigration matters and provides representation and advice to foreign nationals who are looking to obtain a United States visa and enter the United States on a permanent or temporary basis. Our law firm is focused on getting clients to the United States in the shortest possible time through a variety of avenues, including finding work in the U.S.

Arek Nizamian is a full time awesome immigration attorney. 100% of his practice is dedicated to immigration law. Nizamian & Nizamian is on the cutting edge of all business visa related matters. Arek Nizamian represents investors through 50 states.

Arek Nizamian is a Los Angeles, California, Immigration Lawyer and one of America’s Most Trusted Attorneys™