About Us

My name is Patrick Steinfeld and I’d like to thank you for visiting our website. Ethical Lawyers of America is a directory of ethical lawyers who have been pre-screened for their honesty, civility and integrity in the legal profession. We believe the public is best served by attorneys who meet the highest standards of ethics in their legal practice.

Since you are on this page you presumably would like to know a little more about us so let me briefly explain how the idea for Ethical Lawyers of America came about.

Patrick Steinfeld

I’ve been practicing law in California since 1989. In the last few years there has been an alarming rise in public disciplinary actions including public reprovals, probations, suspensions and disbarments. Unfortunately our profession has only a 29% public approval rating*. While the adversarial nature of our legal system is presumably a contributing factor to this low rating it is consistent with the findings from the American Bar Association that found 1-in-12 attorneys received complaints against them nationwide and more than 21,000 complaints were filed against attorneys in my home state of California during a single year*!

I recently overheard a previously suspended lawyer boast about his high peer review ratings. Although there has been growing criticism regarding the validity of peer review ratings I was surprised to learn a lawyer who had been (previously) suspended could receive such high current peer review ratings.

Peer review ratings provide a disservice to the legal consumer because they subjectively rate an attorney based upon reviews from the lawyer’s own colleagues! These ratings effectively validate unethical lawyers by the mere recognition of lawyers in their publications.

It’s time we acknowledge “ethical” accomplishments are just as important as

“professional” achievements and begin recognizing lawyers for their professional integrity


I created Ethical Lawyers of America with the somewhat lofty goal of advancing the public’s image of lawyers by assuring the public is served by attorneys who meet the highest standards of ethics in the legal profession. Promoting only “ethical” lawyers who have demonstrated an objectively verifiable history of honesty and professional integrity in their legal practice accomplishes this goal. Ethical Lawyers of America are America’s Most Trusted Attorneys™.

*Source: March 2012; Gallup Poll Survey, Aug. 11-14, 2011; 2010 Survey on Lawyer Discipline Systems published by the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Professional Discipline.