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ETHICAL LAWYERS OF AMERICA is a directory listing of ethical attorneys who are dedicated to promoting honesty, integrity and civility in the legal profession. Our goal is to advance the public’s image of lawyers and the legal profession. All lawyers listed on our site have achieved national recognition as one of America’s Most Trusted Attorneys®. Less than one percent of all practicing attorneys in the country are listed with Ethical Lawyers of America.

If you are a consumer looking for an “ethical lawyer” you have come to the right place. We pre-screen lawyers for their outstanding ethical accomplishments. We rely solely on objectively verifiable data provided by an attorney’s State Bar Association. We are free to the consumer and every attorney listed on our site has demonstrated a history of honesty and professional integrity in their legal practice.  If you are an ethical attorney interested in learning more about Ethical Lawyers of America please click here. Our name says it all. We are America’s Most Trusted Attorneys®.

Got Ethics?


There are numerous peer review publications that rate lawyers based upon their “professional” accomplishments, however we believe an attorney’s objectively verifiable “ethical” accomplishments are just as important (and perhaps more important) then the subjective results obtained through peer review submissions.

There has been considerable discussion lately regarding the validity of peer review ratings. Peer review ratings serve a needed function in the legal profession however these publications fail to inform the public when their “rated” attorneys have committed egregious ethical violations and are disciplined by their governing body (e.g. State Bar Association). A quick search will find peer review rated attorneys with high ethical ratings more than two years after being publicly disciplined for ethical violations by their State Bar Associations.

It’s time we acknowledge the importance of “ethics” in our profession and distinguish between “professional” and “ethical” achievements. Both are important but should be considered mutually exclusive. The subjective nature of the peer review system raises the status of unethical lawyers by the mere recognition of their “professional” achievements.

“Unethical” lawyers cannot be listed with Ethical Lawyers of America regardless of their “professional” accomplishments. We believe attorneys that meet the highest standards of ethics in the legal profession best serve the public and their needs when hiring a lawyer.

Our Mission


(1) Assist the public in their search for an ethical attorney by

(2) Only listing ethical lawyers who have demonstrated a proven history of honesty, integrity and civility in the legal profession.

Consumer Protection

Ethical Lawyers of America is a consumer focused advocate that assists the public in their search for a competently qualified ethical lawyer by providing a web directory of attorney’s who have been pre-screened for their honesty and professional integrity. Attorneys cannot simply buy membership into Ethical Lawyers of America. Attorneys can only qualify to be on our list by maintaining an objectively verifiable level of honesty and integrity in their legal practice.

What We Do

We search State Bar Association records annually for any public disciplinary proceedings and/or actions and list only those attorney’s who have “never” been publicly disciplined (as of the date of our search) by their respective State Bar Association(s). Even a single public disciplinary action disqualifies a lawyer from appearing on our list regardless of how long they have been practicing law.

Our Goal

To advance the public’s image of lawyers and the legal profession by assuring the public is served by attorneys that meet the highest standards of ethics in the legal profession.

Caveat Emptor / Buyer Beware

Less than one percent of all lawyers in the country are members of Ethical Lawyers of America. If your attorney is not listed with Ethical Lawyers of America it does not mean he/she is unethical, it means they are not one of America’s Most Trusted Attorneys™.

How to Find an Ethical Lawyer

Start Your Search With Ethical Lawyers of America

If you are looking for an “ethical lawyer” start your search here! Once you’ve found an “ethical lawyer” do your due diligence and research your attorney for the following:

  • Experience in area of law specific to your needs
  • Length of practice
  • Get referrals from friends, colleagues and county and State Bar referral services
  • Research attorney disciplinary actions on State Bar website (links are included in Find a Lawyer page)
  • Closely read your lawyer’s website
  • Perform an online search for your lawyer
  • Call several potential lawyers and ask questions
  • Choose a lawyer who is qualified, ethical and whom you feel comfortable with

Do NOT make your final decision to hire a lawyer based upon an attorney’s listing with Ethical Lawyers of America. Although we believe that hiring an “ethical lawyer” is of paramount importance, it is only one of many factors to consider when hiring an attorney.